Pampa WingShooting


Combine your hunting trip with a great flyfishing experience.
Our Lodge at Ibera, Mercedes is the perfect place.


GOLDEN DORADO Flyfishing is a high adrenaline activity, that every angler should try. it is a very fighting specie that when you get it with a light line you can imagine how fun On average anglers can expect to get a lot of them ranging from 6-8 LBS some of 8-12 LBS and a few of more than 15 LBS
Two anglers will cast simultaneously from comfortable boats.  Throughout the day, we’ll be changing spots constantly looking for fresh and large fish at the mouths of channels and drop offs.
Dorado fly fishing requires an 8 wt. fly rod, 30lb wire leaders and 5 inch flies tied on 3/0 saltwater hooks.  Dorado flies can be purchased at our lodge.