Pampa WingShooting

The adventure begins

About us:

Dear Hunter, it is our pleasure to give you a warm welcome and introduce you to Pampawingshooting.
Pampawingshooting is a family owned business run by its owners Martin Alejandro Bertello and his father Jorge.
We both have been in the game during our entire lifetimes and we enjoy what we do.
We specialize in wingshooting species, offering the best of Argentina.
Either if it is your first time to our lovely country or if you just want to try something different we invite you to come and have a great time at our lodges.
We are entirely focused on our clients, since the moment you arrive at Ezeiza Intl.
we coordinate everything for you. Transfers, gun permits, air charters and lodging.
We offer you just the finest blend of Argentinian food and wines, and also special hunting meals.
We work with groups no longer than 4/5 people in order to keep it as unique and comfortable for you as possible.
Please get in touch for an unforgetable hunting experience in Argentina.
Kindest Regards.

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