Pampa WingShooting


Enjoy your hunting adventure


ARGENTINA is a true paradise for wingshooting. With our vast farm extensions and due to the diversity of the fields you can get all the fun you re looking for.
Combine different programs depending on your needs.
We offer DUCKS, PARTRIDGE and DOVES. Also mixed bags programs are available.


Species available: eckled teal, georgian teal, silver teal, puna teal, Crested teal, Rosy-billed Pochard, Black-headed Duck, Cinnamon Teal, Common shoveler, among others.
Our comfortable blinds offer a perfect place to hunt, with only 1/2 hunter per blind and no longer than 20 min from the lodges.


Argentinian PERDIZ, common perdiz is a fast flying bird, that we hunt upland over dogs. We usually combine this program after a morning DUCK hunt and it is specially recommended during the afternoon. We walk the fields with our pointer dogs and we search for them. We usually get 15/20 partridges in a single round. The daily bag limit is 10 per hunter.
The whole experience is very enjoyable. You must try it.


Argentina is a well known dove shooting destination wordwide. There is no limit and hunting takes place all year round.There are literally millions of Argentina doves in our area.  Hunters can expect to shoot 1000-1200shells in a single day.
Our Argentina dove hunts are over diverse croplands and we give the option to hunt a number of different fields everyday, either in feedlots, or in the bushes.